Change up your morning coffee in 6 ways

  1. Try it iced

Maybe this is an obvious one, but adding ice to your regular morning cup is a great way to try something new while keeping the same flavors you know and love.  Regardless of how you like your coffee in the morning, or how it is made in your Nespresso pods or Nespresso capsule coffee machine, you can adapt it to accommodate ice. For example: If you generally take your coffee americano style, change it to an iced americano by making your pod coffee into a tall glass full of ice. Or if you prefer a milkier option, add milk with the ice, or try sweetened condensed milk for a bit of indulgence.

  1. Use different kinds of milk

Using your coffee capsule or coffee pod machines, give your morning boost an extra dose of vitality with almond milk for a nuttier taste. Use the creaminess of coconut milk for a great creamer in black coffee. In fact, you can ditch milk altogether and add a spoon of coconut oil, just keep a spoon in your mug to stir down the oil as it rises to sit on the surface.

  1. Have a go with cream

Perhaps experimenting with less lactose-rich milks isn’t your thing, but for a luxuriant cup of joe, try cream. Just replace with a little less than your regular quantity of milk. Make a shot of coffee from your choice of coffee pods and add a splash of cream for a great way to fully taste the flavor profiles of your various Nespresso compatible pods.

  1. Use coffee-flavoring syrups

You can take cheap Nespresso machine coffee and turn it into a Starbucks best seller much easier than they would have you believe. Simply put your desired amount of your preferred syrup into the mug before you make your coffee capsules or coffee pods. Try out peppermint syrup for that classic winter feel, or make a mocha like the pros with chocolate syrup. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Add vanilla extract

If you prefer to keep your flavoring on the natural side, vanilla extract leaves you with a delicious smelling (and tasting) capsule coffee machine-made brew. Add to your mug with your coffee pods and all your extras. Vanilla has a great way of enhancing flavors without overpowering them, which is of course perfect for coffee.

  1. Pop in a piece of chocolate

Perhaps this one is less of a morning treat than an evening treat, but adding a piece of chocolate to your coffee will make a rich, hearty mocha that you can’t get with syrup. Using your coffee pod or capsule coffee machine, first add the chocolate to the cup, then allow it to melt as the coffee is trickled over it. The chocolate will slowly melt through the coffee, emitting its cocoa and sugars.

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