Easy coffees to make with your Nespresso compatible pods and coffee capsules

It can be easy to fall into a pattern of making coffee the same way every time, especially with a coffee pod or capsule coffee machine that generally has only two settings – long and short. Don’t be discouraged by the deceptively simple, hassle free nespresso coffee machines!  There is a world of coffee of easy to make coffees out there waiting for you. Here are some of them.Macchiato

Tear your mind away from the Starbucks style drink – a true macchiato comes from the Italian word meaning ‘stained’ or ‘marked’.  It is a shot of espresso with a little frothed milk, making it smooth and creamy way to enjoy that morning caffeine boost. The milk excellently balances your espresso shot and allows you to truly taste the flavor profile of the coffee. Experiment with your Nespresso compatible pods and coffee capsules to find the flavor notes for you.

Caffe Melange

Caffe melange is a French named drink that is actually a café favorite from Switzerland and Austria. Melange meaning mixed, it is very similar to a macchiato, except it replaces the milk with luxuriant whipped cream. Again, an excellent way to discover the flavor palates of your Nespresso compatible pods and coffee capsules.

Cold Brew

Don’t get it mixed up with iced coffee! Cold brew is coffee grounds that have been steeped (like tea) in cold water for 10-24 hours, whereas iced coffee is an espresso concoction. Cold brew has a richer, less acidic taste that is perfect for the warmer weather. Simply open a few of your coffee pods or coffee capsules, pour into a jug or French press, and top off with cold water. Leave overnight and strain. Add ice to serve.

Dirty Chai

A play on the classic Chai Latte, the dirty chai is a punchy, spice-y blend of masala chai black tea and espresso, topped off with steamed milk. The extra caffeine kick from the tea and the complimentary flavors from the cardamom and cinnamon work excellently with espresso. Play around with your coffee pods or coffee capsules to find the espresso shot that best suits your dirty chai. Approximate proportions are: One part espresso to two parts chai tea and one part steamed milk.


On the theme of tea, Yuanyang hails from Hong Kong. The name is taken from the word for mandarin ducks, which are a symbol of love in China, with ‘opposites attract’ connotations. Very appropriate for this drink, which mixes a one to one ratio of espresso and milk tea. Simply make a few shots of espresso in your coffee pod or capsule coffee machine, and mix with milk tea.

Carajillo (alcoholic)

A coffee list is not complete without some form of alcohol, and who would complain – they go so well together. The Carajillo was created by the Spanish when they invaded Cuba, and was given to the troops to give them courage. If you’re in need of some courage, some energy and some Latin American flair, this is the drink for you, and it can be done on your fuss free nespresso coffee machine. Mix a shot of espresso and a shot of brandy with lemon, sugar and cinnamon. Serve in a shot glass.

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