Hey I’m Josh.

Why am I giving away a FREE coffee machine you may ask?
Well it’s simple.

I first started working on coffee plantations 20 years ago in Rwanda and Tanzania and have since learnt how to source and roast the highest quality, most ethical coffee beans available. Through my real coffee experience I want you to experience real coffee so with every 12 month subscription I will give you a JUUT machine FREE! It really is that simple.

Don’t miss out on this great offer and great coffee. Call us or go online to order today.


The Pod Shop aims to provide excellent coffee in our coffee pods, coffee capsules and their respective pod and capsule coffee machines.  We believe quality shouldn’t suffer for the sake of convenience. With our biodegradable coffee pods we have developed a sustainable way to balance expediency, quality, and the environment.

We want to share our coffee with as many people as possible, so we have created Nespresso compatible pods that will suit many coffee capsule and coffee pod machines. However, if you’re new to the coffee pods scene, check out our deals where you can get a free coffee machine for your home or office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast!

Our founder and coffee expert Josh Taylor first started working on coffee plantations twenty years ago in Rwanda and Tanzania, and has since learnt how to source and roast the highest quality, most ethical coffee beans available.

We want you to experience real coffee as he did.  Experience coffee closer to nature with our biodegradable coffee pods.  Give back to the environment with compostable coffee pods.

We have poured our knowledge and understanding of complex flavour profiles and the entire coffee process into our products. Through a careful balance of flavour we have created the perfect cup of coffee for you to start your day with. Our coffee range has something for everyone. Our range includes coffee pods and coffee capsules as well as high class coffee pod machines.

Like your coffee rich and earthy? Try Dark and Stormy, which has notes of bold and intense dark chocolate with a berry finish. Or if you’re looking for something lighter, the Ethiopia Single Origin will give you a smooth, citrusy palate with sweet floral notes. Go for something different with Indian Monsoon Malabar to give you a kick – notes of punchy rum and spice.

Nespresso coffee machine? We say no problem. We aren’t here to make you buy machines. We just want to make sure you’re drinking great coffee.  Capture the flavour, vivacity and culture of our beautiful coffee in our Nespresso compatible pods. We believe that excellent coffee that is attainable without going to expensive cafés. Our coffee pods and coffee capsules are compatible with a variety of coffee pod and capsule coffee machines, including our free Nespresso coffee machines.

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“We trust that you will love our coffee. So much so that we are offering a free coffee machine for office or home! Receive a free JUUT capsule coffee machine with your The Pod Shop coffee capsules purchase.  See how here.”

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